Welcome to Almaviva, new company member of Italiacamp Dubai Hub for Made in Italy

Almaviva, the leading Italian Group in Information & Communication Technology joins The Italiacamp Dubai Hub for Made in Italy as a Member and gets ready to drive digital innovation in UAE.


Almaviva Group accompanies the Country’s growth processes by rising to the challenge that enterprises must face in order to remain competitive in the digital age, innovating its business model, organization, corporate culture, and ICT.

With a foundation of strong “Made in Italy” skills, Almaviva has created a global network of 46,000 people (7,000 in Italy and 39,000 abroad) and €1.096 million in turnover in 2022. It operates through 44 offices in Italy and 32 abroad.

Almaviva is proposing MOOVA to the market, the innovative and complete platform that, thanks to the most advanced digital technologies, enables new sustainable, multimodal, and as-a-service mobility paradigms.

MOOVA, the Future of Mobility

When starting with the MOOVA program, Almaviva analysed the evolution of mobility in the years ahead all with the aim of understanding future needs and distinctive elements to be implemented in the product. The mobility industry is currently facing a moment of discontinuity. Mobility must become a service: flexible, simple, accessible, interconnected and composed by different subjects, with new models of cooperation and competition. Mobility needs to connect existing transport types to form integrated, diversified and multimodal services all governed by, and provided with, an ecosystem of authorities and operators.

Digital Transformation displays its most evident effects in the way companies produce and provide their services, in the ability to create completely new services and, of course, in the way customers use the services themselves.

Technology is a fundamental factor in enabling change within the Digital Economy. Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Big Data, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity; technology is now mature, ICT systems and services can exploit new technological paradigms and determine a quick change of pace for the mobility sector.

MOOVA for Mobility As A Service

Mobility as a service (MaaS) is a type of service that, through a joint digital channel, enables users to plan, book, and pay for multiple types of mobility services.

The key concept behind MaaS is to offer travelers mobility solutions based on their travel needs. Together with other emerging vehicular technologies such as automated driving, connected cars and electric vehicles, MaaS is contributing to a new type of future mobility, which is autonomous, connected, electric and shared vehicles.

Almaviva with MOOVA is the technological provider of MaaS solution. With MOOVA data from the different systems will be integrated to provide a single view of the mobility system and offer timely and customized information to the end customer and companies a single point of access for effective service management.

MOOVA a New Way to Move

Moova is an integrated, modular and seamless mobility platform, able to connect different modes of transport within a unique, advanced technological framework for a Mobility which is easy, fast, interconnected and flexible.

5 LINES satisfying the needs of mobility and logistics ecosystems, customer services, multimodal and intermodal transport operations, asset management and digitalization.

19 PRODUCTS sharing a common platform while integrating e2e processes for passengers and freight.

1 INNOVATIVE PLATFORM managing different products, in a way that’s simple, smart and adaptive. In transforming mobility, it looks to the future with cutting-edge technology. Micro-services and container-based architecture: ready-for-cloud, ready-to-use. A platform designed around the concept of mobility service provided to the customer and not limited to a focus on the internal organization of the activities of the individual operator. This feature also facilitates interoperability between different operators, as well as the integration of services and supervision by authorities governing a specific mobility ecosystem.

1 CONTROL ROOM managing all services, operations and assets in an integrated environment.

1 INFORMATION HUB transforming data into information value that’s intelligent, integrated, standard and powerful.

Control Room is at the heart of an integrated mobility system. It integrates the vertical operation components of the MOOVA Platform as well as the data and logic of the Information HUB in an efficient and user-friendly monitoring environment. It provides the user with useful tools to promptly identify and manage unexpected events with potential negative impact on the mobility service. The core features adapt to both simple and complex operating rooms equipped with multi-monitor workstations, videowalls, multitouch tables and mobile devices.

The Information HUB is a support product for the entire platform because it shares the digital representation of the entire transport ecosystem. It can also be used autonomously in contexts affected by the fragmentation of information silos to facilitate the integration of different systems and organizations. It implements a common data model and calculates status, forecast and performance indicators for the various dimensions of mobility. It also offers a comprehensive set of specialized UI tools.

MOOVA platform and products together with Almaviva’s experience allow to offer solutions that cover 360 degrees of mobility. Today MOOVA solutions are present, as well as in Italy, already in several countries: France, United States, Spain, Peru, Morocco, Egypt, UK, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

MOOVA Academy

For Almaviva the Human Capital is very important and there is a continuous learning program.

MOOVA Academy is an asset of this program, it’s an e-learning platform constantly updated, in particular the ADV and Eng_version levels. MOOVA Academy has become the entry point for contacts with Universities and International Presale, but also in Almaviva the central role of training is fostering the ability to innovate.

Almaviva certifies for employees, customers and partners skills and ability to use solutions and to learn technologies, products and processes.

MOOVA Academy _A Talent Revolution_ is the program for young graduates and graduating students with the passion for transportation, willing to grow and gest experience on new constantly innovating and testing tech trends.

International best cases

Fintraffic – Passenger Information System – 189 Stations on the Finnish railway network

Fintraffic controls and manages traffic on the land, in the air and at sea. It provides traffic information that helps companies to create new traffic and smart mobility solutions for people and goods. The aim of Fintraffic, is to ensure safe, smooth and environmentally friendly mobility traffic management on land, road, sea and in the air.

Fintraffic goals are to forecast what will happen in traffic and what will be the consequences of any event that can impact mobility flows. By operating smartly, Fintraffic operators can prevent accidents, reduce journey time and streamline transfer among different modes of transportation. Almaviva, by means of MOOVA Passenger Information System (PIS), has been providing information to the public at all 189 stations on the Finnish railway network for 2 years.

The information is provided in real time thanks to the connection with the Traffic Management System and the sound announcements are delivered in 4 different languages. Moova PIS also ensure the integrated diagnostic monitoring of the operating status of the approximately 2000 displays that deliver information to passengers. Moova PIS is natively Multimodal (rail and road, TPL and Long Haul) and Multi-channel (audio and video, ground and on-board, mobile devices, totems, and smart objects. Through Moova PIS the scope of Passenger Information Management solution, currently limited to railway station boundary, may be extended in the future to single and integrated solution.

Riyadh Metro – Operation & Maintenance for Riyadh Metro for a period of 12 years

The FLOW Consortium has been committed by the Saudi Local Transport Authority in Riyadh for the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) management of lines 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the Riyadh Metro. FLOW Consortium has secured $2.9bn contract for a period of 12 years. FLOW is a Consortium composed by Hitachi, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, and Alstom.

Almaviva with MOOVA provided the entire application portfolio to FLOW consortium during the implementation phase of the O&M contract to support Operation and Maintenance, including Security, Facility Management, Building Maintenance (Stations, Park & Rides, Depots, etc.) and the entire transit system, including trains, signaling, telecommunications, power supply.

During the 24 months of the Implementation phase of the O&M contract, have been implemented and deployed all required IT Systems: Computerized Maintenance Management System and Document Management system, Rostering and Timetable Systems, the ERP system (Finance, Controlling, Procurement, Human Resources, and Payroll), including an integration BUS to support end-to-end process integration between the applications.

Since the Go Live, Almaviva is providing Managed IT Services for all systems. The very core application provided is the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that represents an end-to-end solution for Transport Operators who are committed to develop maintenance process governance.

The CMMS also supports Health, Safety, Quality and Environment processes, with the key objectives of both reducing operational risk and increasing the return on assets into a safe operating environment.

Etihad Rail – Transport Management Solution for 1,200km railway infrastructure

Etihad Rail is a 1,200km railway infrastructure project being built in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The UAE railway network is built to international standards. It will link the principal centres of trade, industry, manufacturing, production, logistics, population, and all the major import and export points of the United Arab Emirates and form an integral part of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) railway network.

In a complex railway ecosystem as that of Etihad Rail, a Transportation Management System is a critical component of supply chain digitization initiatives for a company to establish a truly Digital Supply Chain.

The solution set up by Almaviva draws on numerous Almaviva projects carried out for world-leading freight customers, aimed at applying standard processes that can be considered best practices in freight transport. The TM solution helps Etihad Rail to build an agile and resilient supply chain, simplify logistics processes, integrate business processes efficiently and exercise enhanced control over logistics execution operations. Etihad Rail is increasing productivity and maximizing returns on your freight spend with the state-of-the-art transportation management capabilities of Almaviva for SAP TM solution.