Atlantica joins Italiacamp Dubai Hub for Made in Italy

Atlantica Digital joins the Italiacamp Dubai Hub for Made in Italy, bringing over 30 years of its experience as a system integrator in the Telco, Industry, Transport, Utilities and Public Administration sectors. The company specializes in cybersecurity, digital innovation, smart metering and managed services, offering advanced solutions for Cloud Computing, data analytics and digital security management. As a leader in ICT transformation, virtualization, consolidation, business continuity and disaster recovery projects, Atlantica Digital designs and implements highly innovative software solutions and solid, scalable and secure IT infrastructures to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market.

With over 200 employees between Rome, Milan and Palermo, Atlantica Digital is already present in the United Arab Emirates with an office in Abu Dhabi. Focusing on Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity and Smart Metering, with particular attention to the constantly growing water sector, the company has developed innovative solutions and products in the fields of Smart Metering, Digital Solutions, Machine Learning, IoT, Cybersecurity and Next Generation SOC managed services.

The new experience in the Dubai Hub for Made in Italy strengthens the presence of Atlantica Digital in the United Arab Emirates, where it has already achieved important goals in the IT security sector. In June 2023, the company signed two three-year contracts with Pure Salmon, a company owned by the Mubadala fund, to provide Cybersecurity, Security Operation Center (SOC), Help Desk and IT and software infrastructure maintenance services. These services are increasingly crucial due to the growing threat of hacker attacks.

Atlantica’s SOC will be dedicated to continuously monitor and analyze security events, promptly detecting any threats or suspicious activity. Thanks to the technical experience and expertise of the Atlantica team, rapid and targeted measures will be implemented to ensure the security of computer systems and protect the sensitive data of the Pure Salmon company. Furthermore, the Help Desk and maintenance services provided by Atlantica will guarantee professional and timely support to resolve any problems and IT infrastructures and software safety.. This activity further strengthens Atlantica Digital’s position as a leader in offering advanced and secure solutions for the evolving digital environment.