EUCLIDE joins Italiacamp Dubai Hub for Made in Italy

EUCLIDE joins Italiacamp Dubai Hub for Made in Italy. Founded in Turin in 2007, EUCLIDE boasts over 15 years of success in energy innovation and is now a global benchmark in the design and development of energy efficiency projects for complex real estate portfolios.

EUCLIDE deals with the design of innovation and sustainable growth initiatives in the field of energy efficiency projects for complex buildings, real estate portfolios and public bodies, acting as a valuable partner for its clients in the process of achieving tangible energy, social and environmental results.

Everything that concerns the production, use, distribution and monitoring of energy (thermal or electrical) represents the improvement objective that EUCLIDE pursues within its projects, in whatever field one wishes to place them: from public buildings (hospitals, universities, offices), to industries, to Smart Cities.

According to this assumption, the projects managed by EUCLIDE focus on how to optimise the environmental impact, on the adoption of sustainable practices and, to do this, the content of the works is at the centre of virtuous contracts in which sustainability is rewarded through energy savings.

Large Municipalities, Hospitals, Universities, Institutions in Italy and Europe: these are some examples of EUCLIDE’s large projects in the revamping of thousands of buildings – even of historical heritage – and in the creation of Smart Cities; projects that have generated an enormous revaluation of the value of the assets and an enormous optimisation in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency.

EUCLIDE adopts a variety of innovative technologies to improve energy efficiency in its projects, ensuring an integrated approach to building design and management that considers the interaction between architectural, technological and behavioural elements to maximise energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

EUCLIDE specialises in integrating some of the most promising trends including the Internet of Things (IoT) applied to the energy sector and enabling remote monitoring and control of systems and devices to optimise energy efficiency in real time. In addition, EUCLIDE specialises in the design and integration of decentralised energy solutions, such as renewable energy microgrids and energy storage systems, which can increase system resilience and reduce transmission losses.

EUCLIDE’s offer is focused on the entire real estate portfolio in the Middle East, both public and private, whether it is being designed, built or constructed and therefore potentially interested in revamping or renovation. More in detail, the outlet market can be divided – by way of example and not exhaustively – into:

Private sector – assets in design, under construction, realised

  • hotels, villages;
  • clinics and health facilities;
  • educational facilities (schools and universities);
  • shopping centres and malls;
  • airports;
  • sports facilities
  • industries and warehouses;
  • data centres.

Public sector

  • Hospitals and health facilities;
  • Government offices;
  • Train stations, subways;
  • Schools, universities;
  • Sports facilities.


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