Fairplatz Group joins the Dubai Hub for Made in Italy

With over 15 years of experience, FAIRPLATZ GROUP is a trusted partner in the Exhibitions & Events market and Interior-Design projects, committed in delivering award-winning projects, tailored solutions, and bespoke fitouts worldwide for professional clients.

In 2020 FAIRPLATZ launched a new expansion phase opening the first “Event Manufacturing Atelier” in Dubai, the newest direct international state-of-the-art production facilities serving innovative design and complex projects with seamless realization, technical excellence, and specialized expertise.

With a truly global presence, FAIRPLATZ operates seamlessly across borders, providing clients with access to a production network and resources around the world.

Thanks to the “GLOCAL” approach combining global reach with local expertise, FAIRPLATZ ensures high-quality production, efficient communication, and effective problem-solving. In the first quarter of 2024 the company will also unveil in Riyadh and Japan, for Expo Osaka 2025, two additional “Event Manufacturing Atelier” in order to deliver even greater value and efficiency to clients.

FAIRPLATZ goes beyond production by providing a wide range of integrated technical services tailored for custom, complex projects.  A comprehensive suite of tech services spanning from Furniture Rental to AV Technologies, from Creative Carpets to Modular Frame System for amazing bespoke design solutions. 

FAIRPLATZ recently expanded their operations to interior design productions. The renowned FAIRPLATZ meticulous approach, ensures extreme quality throughout the entire process, from precise planning to the final selection of finishes. Each Interior Design project reflects a harmonious blend of creativity, precision, and a keen attention to details, as clear in the latest apartment project at Royal Atlantis and the office one at Opus Tower, both in Dubai.

DesignTech Hub is the latest venture of FAIRPLATZ, right at the crossroads of design and technology. A dynamic sales & distribution platform with the distinctive mission of introducing inventive solutions and materials, tailored for the interior design, events & exhibitions, and construction industries. Conceived from a vision that nurtures creativity, technology, and ground-breaking solutions, the DesignTech Hub concentrates on precision-crafted products that harmoniously blend aesthetics, performance, quality, and sustainability, while upholding and honoring design heritage cultures.