At the Dubai Hub for Made in Italy, the Intensive Executive Programme ‘Doing Business in the Gulf – UAE Edition’ by Luiss Business School together with Italiacamp took place

On April 29, Italiacamp and Luiss Business School inaugurated the five-day Intensive Executive Programme “Doing Business in the Gulf – UAE Edition“at the Dubai Hub for Made in Italy. The program culminated in a cultural tour on the sixth day. This initiative marks a significant advancement in empowering Italian businesses to navigate and succeed in the dynamic Gulf region, with a specific focus on the UAE business landscape. This course is an integral component of a broader strategy aimed at enhancing the international presence of Italian businesses.  

Designed for professionals, entrepreneurs, accountants and lawyers, this intensive executive programme delved deeply into the unique business landscapes of the Gulf region. The curriculum covered a range of crucial topics including the essential practices for setting up a business in the UAE, legal frameworks, operational strategies, tax implications and the Emirati company law.

Italiacamp Dubai Hub for Made in Italy and Luiss Business School have jointly created a unique educational bridge that connects theoretical knowledge with practical business applications in the Gulf markets. This program masterfully translates academic rigor into actionable business strategies, equipping Italian companies for global expansion.

Furthermore, the “Doing Business in the Gulf – UAE Edition” is a gateway to the Gulf region, offering participants a platform to explore and understand the economic drivers and legal frameworks that characterize the market. For Italian businesses, this program serves as a crucial tool for navigating the rich business opportunities in the Gulf, a region known for its robust economic growth and strategic importance as a global business hub.

The course enhanced networking, connecting Italian entrepreneurs with local and international business leaders. This networking is pivotal for building relationships and fostering collaborations that are essential for successful market entry and expansion.

The Intensive Executive programme of “Doing Business in the Gulf – UAE Edition” inaugurated by the Embassy of Italy in Abu Dhabi,  focused, over the period of five days,  both on theoretical knowledge and emphasized practical applications through case studies and interactive sessions led by seasoned professionals representing different companies and industries such as Abu Dhabi Investment Office, Emaar, The Boston Consulting Group, ADG Legal, Tribonian Law Advisors, Gianni & Origoni-UAE, Antonio M. Varvaro Legal Consultants, Intesa Sanpaolo-Dubai, Profile Middle East, Infini Concepts and Tourmeon Agency along with the participation of the Italian Institutions such as Italian Trade Agency in Dubai and SACE. The main objectives of these sessions were focused on how to develop business opportunities abroad with basic conditions and key decisions and risks, analysis and definition of the target market, establishment of a business entity in the UAE, operating in the Gulf countries by understanding elements of international taxation, controlled foreign corporations (CFCs), and externalisation strategies The objectives focused as well on negotiation, drafting, execution, and enforcement of international contracts with Gulf country residents.

At the end of the course, on their sixth day, students enjoyed a cultural tour in Dubai that showcased both the historical charm and modern splendor of the city.

By equipping business professionals with knowledge and skills pertinent to the Gulf market’s demands, Italiacamp and Luiss Business School are setting new standards for how academic institutions can actively support business internationalization. These programs emphasize practical solutions and direct market insights, preparing Italian businesses to enter as well as excel in the UAE markets.