Italian Excellencies in Dubai: Key Events 2023

Facilitating the convergence of commercial trajectories, Dubai serves as a natural gateway for enterprises seeking access to the dynamic markets spanning the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Participation in regional exhibitions within this context presents a distinctive opportunity for companies to engage with authoritative figures within their respective industries, prospective clientele, distribution channels, suppliers, and potential collaborative partners. In 2022, the DWTC Exhibition Centre hosted 63 major events, yielding a remarkable 13 billion AED ($3.5 billion) economic impact, benefiting the local economy substantially. Italy’s involvement in the following events can elevate its global stature and solidify its position within the market.

GITEX: Showcasing Italian Technological Skills

More than 50 Italian firms are set to join GITEX,an eminent global technological exhibition scheduled from October 16th to the 20th. Within the event, these entities will prominently showcase their advancements in Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, and smart solutions, thereby reinforcing and solidifying Italy’s technological prowess on the international stage. Renowned as the world’s largest technology exposition, Gitex gathers a substantial congregation of over 170,000 attendees, 40% of whom are from abroad. The last edition of GITEX GLOBAL 2022 yielded AED2.6 billion ($698 million), contributing to an increase of 57% for Dubai’s economy.

Gulf Host: Celebrating Italian Gastronomic Excellence

Attracting more than 25,000 visitors and a robust assembly of 2,500 exhibitors, Gulf Host establishes itself as a platform of significance for the food service and hospitality industry.  With an expected attendance of more than 60 Italian companies, the event presents itself as an opportunity to reassert Italy’s culinary leadership across the world. Starting on November 7, this forthcoming event acquires pronounced significance for global stakeholders who are vested in their pursuits within the MENA region.

Beauty World: Emphasising Italian Beauty and Wellness

With more than 85 Italian companies showcasing their products and services, Beauty World serves as a prestigious platform for the showcase of renowned names in skincare, cosmetics and wellness. Taking place in Dubai World Trade Centre from October 30th to November 1st, the event’s prominence is evidenced by its attraction of over 52,000 attendees from 139 countries in 2022. This gathering spotlights Italy’s mastery in innovation and its use of natural ingredients in the beauty sector, effectively reinforcing its global leadership in the field. In the MENA region, where rising incomes and urbanisation are prevalent trends, there is a notable surge in beauty-related purchases. As a result, the beauty market in the UAE is projected to achieve substantial revenue growth, reaching $1.14 billion by 2024.

Big 5 Global: Italy’s Construction and Infrastructure Expertise

With more than 180 companies attending, Italy’s construction prowess is expected to shine at the Big 5 Global, the largest construction event in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.  Drawing more than 68,000 visitors in 2022, the exhibition gathered the luminaries in architecture, material engineering and interior design underscoring the region’s dedication to innovation and sustainable practices. The upcoming edition is scheduled to take place from December 4th to 7th. The Middle East and Africa market unequivocally furnish a vast terrain filled with opportunities for Italian involvement and contributions. It’s important to note that the region boasts projects worth a staggering $6.5 trillion.


Italy’s active engagement in prominent international exhibitions such as GITEX, Gulf Host, beauty World, and Big 5 highlights its preeminent leadership and multifaceted contributions across diverse sectors. These events foster and cultivate collaborations, strategic partnerships, and the dissemination of inspiration, which collectively contribute to shaping future trajectories. This involvement further serves to reinforce Italy’s established identity as hub of excellence and avant-garde endeavours.

Dubai Hub for Made in Italy is uniquely positioned to partake in the vigour and dynamism of the Dubai World Trade Centre. This strategic positioning can situate Italian enterprises at the forefront of engagements and interactions that transpire within this thriving environment.