Studying in Dubai: Choosing a Master programme on Made in Italy

Higher education in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has seen significant growth and transformation, establishing the country as a regional leader in quality education. The UAE has enhanced its higher education landscape through the development of universities and colleges that offer a broad spectrum of programs tailored to the needs of its expanding economy. This commitment to quality, combined with initiatives in research, innovation, and internationalization, has attracted students globally, contributing to the nation’s socio-economic advancement and workforce development.

In Dubai specifically, the higher education sector has thrived due to a strong emphasis on quality, a diverse international presence, and a commitment to innovation. The city has become a preferred destination for students worldwide, drawn by its cultural richness and career opportunities. Notably, Dubai has recorded a 25% increase in international student enrolment over the past year, with 34,893 students enrolled in private institutions regulated by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). This surge is aligned with the Dubai Economic Agenda D33, aiming to position Dubai as a leading global hub for higher education.

In alignment with this strategic growth of the Higher Education sector in UAE, Luiss University and Luiss Business School, strategic academic partners of Italiacamp Dubai Hub for Made in Italy have recently opened their doors at the Dubai Hub, offering a wide range of executive programs, and starting in September 2024, it will also offer a unique range of master programs. With this move, Dubai Hub for Made in Italy and Luiss Business School aim to equip students and business professionals with knowledge and skills pertinent to the Gulf market’s demands.

The Dubai Hub for Made in Italy, in fact, is not only an accelerator for the expansion of Italian businesses but also acts as a bridge for the knowledge transfer of the Made in Italy. The Hub offers a unique model where business and education work and co-live. These educational paths are developed by Luiss University and Luiss Business School. Luiss Business School holds the exclusive triple-crown accreditation in higher education AACSB, EQUIS & AMBA, a status only reached by the top 1% of business schools globally. 

The Master programs offered by Luiss Business School at the Dubai Hub are focused on sectors that align with the UAE’s strategic goals such as Sport Management, Tourism & Hospitality Management, Fashion & Luxury Business, and many more.

Integrating “Made in Italy” expertise into the master’s programs at Luiss Business School in Dubai significantly aligns with and supports the UAE’s strategic goals. These programs aid in the diversification of the UAE’s economy by focusing on vital sectors such as sport, fashion, luxury, and hospitality, which are pivotal for the region’s growth beyond its traditional oil-based economy.

Additionally, leveraging Italy’s esteemed reputation in tourism and hospitality enhances the UAE’s position as a leading global hub for luxury travel and upscale tourism.

Furthermore, utilizing Italy’s renowned standards in these areas helps to solidify the UAE as an attractive destination for luxury travel, high-end tourism, and premier sporting events. The programs also enhance the UAE’s robust retail and fashion sectors. Italy’s iconic luxury and fashion industries bring valuable insights and practices to the UAE, enriching its market presence and international appeal. Moreover, the emphasis on Italian innovation and sustainable practices introduces fresh entrepreneurial ideas and approaches to the UAE, stimulating innovation within key economic sectors.

Additionally, these master’s programs are not merely academic; they provide access to a wide network of professionals and industry leaders worldwide. This network is invaluable for students and professionals in the UAE, looking to forge significant international business connections and gain global market insights. Overall, the “Made in Italy” educational offerings at Luiss Business School play a crucial role in advancing the UAE’s economic and professional landscape, aligning education with the region’s broader strategic objectives.